What is PHP? Your First Program

Here we provide tutorials that are required to gain knowledge regarding creating a website and web applications through PHP. From the largest social network Facebook to the biggest blogging system WordPress, PHP is most popular.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which was earlier known as Personal Home Page. It is a server-side scripting language that is used for building Dynamic and Interactive websites and web applications.

It is widely used as it is an open-source scripting language. PHP script runs on a Web server and serves web pages to the client on request. It can be embedded with the HTML web page.

In this tutorial, you will learn-

How you can use PHP in web development?

  • To run your business on the internet it is important to develop or create a website.
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language that runs on a web server.
  • For interpretation, it requires PHP installed on the server-side. The client requires only a web browser for accessing PHP scripts.
  • As PHP runs on any operating system, It provides platform compatibility.

Scripting Language

  • A Scripting language is the set of programming instructions that are interpreted at runtime rather than compiled by the processor.
  • It can be embedded with HTML that is used to add functionality to the web pages.
  • As it is faster to develop than the actual program some of the organizations use it as a prototype.

Difference Between Scripting Language And Programming Language

Programming Language

Scripting language

The code is compiled before it is executed.The code is executed at runtime without any compilation.
You can develop complete application by writing program.The set of instructions is written to automate certain tasks in the program.
Program is internal & dependent to the system.The script is independent to the system means you can remove or disable it without disabling the system.
Some examples of Programming languages are C,C++,Java, etc.Some examples of Scripting languages are PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, PERL, etc.

PHP Syntax

  • Web pages that are created in PHP having an extension of “.php”.
  • You can combine the PHP script with HTML code.
  • To execute the PHP script it must contain within the following syntax


	//code to be executed on server side
  • You can develop PHP pages in various text editors such as notepad, wordpad, notepad++, etc.
  • PHP is case sensitive.

PHP Hello World

  • This is the simple example to print the Hello World message on web browser.

PHP Script:-

	echo "Hello World" ;


Hello World