PHP Comments: Single and multiple lines comments


In PHP code, a comment is a line that is neither compiled nor executed. It is a part of the program. And it is only for understanding purposes.

Use of Comments in PHP

  • Comments in the source code help us to remember what the code does.
  • Think of the situation, where you come back on code after a year later, at that time you can understand the codes through comments, which reminds you of what you have done in code.
  • Comments are helpful when multiple programmers are working on the same project.
  • Comments are basically the briefing that we include in source code. It is for understanding purposes only.
  • There are two types of comments:-
    • Single-Line Comments
    • Multiple Line Comments
Single Line Comments:-
  • It starts with double forward slashes and ends in the same line – “//


	// This is single line comments example
Multiple Line Comments:-
  • It starts with a forward slash followed by the asterisk and end with the asterisk followed by the forward slash.  




<? php
		This is multiple line
		Comments Example