Here we are at making easy tutorials for learning web development. As of now the most popular scripting language is PHP. Without PHP the web is not as vast as today. Facebook, Google, and yahoo developed in PHP. This course is will direct you to learn Core PHP and once you learn the basics you can make websites on your own.
If you do not have any experience in Core PHP or web development you can still learn Core PHP with ease.

Tutorial 1: What is PHP? Your First Program

Tutorial 2: PHP Data Types

Tutorial 3: PHP Arrays: Numeric Array, Associative Array, Multidimensional Array

Tutorial 4: PHP Comments

Tutorial 5: Include and Require

Tutorial 6: Control Structures

Tutorial 7: PHP Loops

Tutorial 8: PHP Functions

Tutorial 9: PHP date functions

Tutorial 10: PHP User-Defined Functions

Tutorial 11: PHP Cookies and Session

Tutorial 12: PHP File Processing

Tutorial 13: PHP Error Handling

Tutorial 14: PHP Regular Expressions

Tutorial 15: PHP Mail Function

Tutorial 16: PHP MVC

Tutorial 17: Pagination with PHP and MySQL

Tutorial 18: Multiple file upload with dropzone and PHP